How To Order & Ship Items From Amazon, Ebay & Other Top Online Retailers from USA While In Kenya

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Want to shop quality products from USA?

Do you need Amazon delivery to Kenya, Ebay Delivery to Kenya or to Ship from USA to Kenya ?

Online shopping makes up more than half of surveyed middle class shoppers’ purchases, according to a new report tracking middle class spending in Kenya & surrounding East African countries.

The report found E-commerce shoppers i.e individuals who made at least two online purchases in a typical three-month period found 35% of their purchases were made, an increase from 28% of shoppers in 2016. An estimated 40% made at least four to six purchases online, while another 35% made seven or more.

The growing middle class are driving the shift and the impact is critical. It is the driving force behind a lot of the change in appetite for online shopping and more so quality, genuine and or imported products.

Searching for Amazon Delivery to Kenya or  Ebay Delivery to Kenya From USA?

Ready to shop quality products from USA? You can now do your online shopping & shipping from USA to KENYA with States Duka by either sending them the links to the items you want to buy or you use your own credit card then ship to their US address.

Client packages  are delivered in Kenya via air freight.

If you live in the US and want to send somebody in Kenya something.

Consider sending the package to our US address then it will be forwarded to Kenya. delivers your shopping from Amazon, Ebay & other top online retailers from the US weekly via Air freight at $15 per kg only.

We are the leading service providing Amazon delivery to Kenya, Ebay Delivery to Kenya or  Ship from USA to Kenya.

Our hassle free pricing includes customs charges and clearing fees. We do all the paperwork for you!

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