How to Cheaply Ship a Phone From USA to Kenya (2024)

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Looking for how to cheaply ship a phone from USA to Kenya (2024)?

When was the last time you checked with the local post office, UPS, Fedex or DHL how much it would cost to ship a phone to Kenya from USA?

For those who rely on using friends and relatives to deliver small items such as phones to their loved ones in Kenya, how has the experience been?

Below are some answers you would normally get from the person you approach to deliver the item, in this case a phone:

The most common is my luggage is already overweight.

I won’t be in Nairobi.                                                                    

I’m going to be having a really busy schedule.

Or maybe they accept to take the item and forget it at their house when packing.

And worst of all is the person loses the item upon arriving in Kenya and doesn’t pick up your calls from there on.

Guess what? Help has arrived! Here is how to cheaply ship a phone from USA to Kenya for only $15.

Kenyan’s in the diaspora and in Kenya can now cheaply ship a phone from USA to Kenya for only $15 using

Ship a phone by air to Kenya from USA for only $15.

No need to listen to all the reasons why your friend, relative or colleague is unable to deliver an item as light as a phone to your friends and family in Kenya. is the go to website to cheaply ship a phone from USA to Kenya.  

We also ship a variety of other items by air to Kenya from USA weekly.

Don’t settle for fake brands and imitations flooding the local market.

Shop original brands from USA and have the items safely delivered in Kenya.

We also help clients in Kenya shop on top websites like Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Macys, Ebay

StatesDuka delivery window is 15 business days from the time we ship out the packages.

We also found a great resource for purchasing used and refurbished unlocked phones that’s growing in popularity. Check it out by clicking this


Remember to register on and view the shipping exclusion list on our website before shopping for items and shipping them to our U.S office for forwarding to Kenya.

Our shipping prices include customs and clearing fees to save you the hassle of doing it on your own.

Call or email us to inquire more about our services. 

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