How To Affordably Send Gifts To Kenya From USA by Air Using StatesDuka

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Here’s Why You Should Send Gifts To Kenya From USA by Air Using StatesDuka

When was the last time you thought of how you could Send Gifts To Kenya From USA for special occasions.

The same way you do in the Diaspora for your friends, colleagues and relatives residing in the Diaspora with you?Send Gifts To Kenya From USA

How many birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Baby showers  and so on happening in Kenya do you wish you could surprise your friends and relatives with a gift for?

Did you know that Kenyans in the Diaspora sent over $1billion (Ksh 100 billion) to Kenya last year?

Now that I got your attention, there’s numerous times Kenyan’s in the diaspora shop online on sites like Amazon , Ebay, Best Buy, Walmart and tons of other websites they frequently shop at.

They probably buy one or two things and wish they could send gifts to Kenya from USA.

The biggest challenge is time and convenience when you decide to send  gifts to Kenya from USA.

Say you buy a gift and send it via post office or one of the popular shipping brands.

The shipping part will be covered.

But when the package arrives in Kenya, all these shippers will not handle the clearing   part.

Well you’re in luck!

For only $15 per kg, StatesDuka will send  gifts to Kenya from USA by air. Send Gifts To Kenya From USA

Furthermore we include customs and clearing fees  in the  $15 per kg fee.

We do weekly deliveries which makes it convenient to get the birthday’s, wedding’s, graduations and

Whatever other gifts for the occasion delivered within a short period of time.

We typically deliver in 10 business days from the time we receive your item at our U.S. office.

So what are you waiting for?

You are already sending over $1 billion dollars to Kenya annually.

Why not switch it up and add on gifts to the list of things you’re sending to Kenya this year.

Ready to Send Gifts To Kenya From USA?

Register here and find out how it works here.

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